Once More With Feeling

This blog has existed before. Now it will exist again.

...Well, hopefully. If I lose it in the upper shelves of the Internet closet again, you can look forward to reading an eerily similar post to this one five years from now.

That's about how long the last version of Comic & Concept lasted: from my last year of college to the abyss of post-college nothingness that awaits you if you chose a ridiculous profession like comic book or concept artist. And that iteration of Comic & Concept will remain, but now grow no more. I toyed with the idea of revising it, streamlining it, or deleting tangential posts I no longer wanted included, but it felt better in the end to keep it the same and instead make a clean break.

The blog that now rises from its ashes will be updated more frequently and, while still documenting my art, it will also host other writings and meditations, from fiction to non, with a bit more of my brain poured into it. Maybe my heart, too.

It's taken a while to realize it, but I'm as much a writer as an artist and, like keeping a sketchbook, you must continue to practice your craft. So, I'm making this a place I'm comfortable and proud of, hence the clean break. I'm making this a place for me to experiment, learn, and unfurl thoughts long-wrapped in my mind. I'm making this a quiet conversation that you remember the next day.

I'll see you again,